How to Choose the Right Smoker

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There are 3 basic types of smokers:

Gas Smoker
Electric Smoker
Charcoal Smoker

Each of these types has different advantages over the others but to identify the best of the 3 is impossible. Individual preferences range, so while some people swear by electric smokers, there are others who would never use anything but charcoal.

Electric Smokers

Always a good choice thanks to the ease of using one, the absolute best Electric smoker is made by cookshack.

Charcoal Smokers

I won't beat around the bush. My favorite is the charcoal smoker. Charcoal produces the best flavor and is frankly the most fun. Nothing beats firing up the coals and keeping them going with a beer in hand.
The best charcoal smoker out there is probably a Brinkmann. Weber is also a trusted name in the world of smokers.  If you're buying for someone who is new to smoking, don't be afraid to spend on the lower end of the spectrum. As with anything, as they gain smoking experience they will seek more refined equipment.

Gas Smokers

Gas smokers use propane and are also an easier alternative to keeping even heat over say charcoal. Bradley and Brinkmann both make exceptional gas smokers.

After you buy your new smoker you'll need some wood chunks, a good rub and maybe an apron.